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Construction Plans


Pricing requires a correct quantity.
Example: 12 pages x 2 sets = Qty 24


To print only selected pages in the file please note those pages in the “Order Comments.” 



Most of the jobs we print are custom built to meet your specific needs. The choices available for size and paper have been tailored down to the most popular options, but that does not restrict you from customizing your order. If the options or sizes your looking for are not shown, just let us know in Order Comments at the time of the order and we will do our best to meet your needs.

  • Plans printed from your supplied files. 20# bond paper in B&W or COLOR along with free binding.
  • Heavy Ink Coverage 24# Paper: Appropriate for high-end photo images with heavy ink coverage.
  • Presentation Quality Heavy Duty Photo Prints: See Art Prints for additinal options.
  • Alternative Scaling: Typically, files will print at scale when imaged the size indicated by the file. When requesting an alternative size please confirm in the order comments.
  • Quantity: Please indicate the total number of sheets being purchased. (#Sets x #Pages in file= Quantity)
  • Sets: Please confirm the number of sets to be printed. For additional instructions please use “Order Comments.”
  • Partial Sets: Please indicate the either the sheet numbers in “Order Comments” if we are not printing all sheets.